viernes, julio 27, 2007

Yo hago chill out con mis amigas - I doing Chill Out wiht my friends

Hola colegas
El otro día invite a mis amigas a hacer Chill Out conmigo, y mi Bella Bellísima mía se me quejo que no podía llegar porque vivía muy lejos.
Así que como yo soy un perro con recursos, y en Internet se puede hacer todo lo que uno quiere. Le he pedido el coche de sus sueños a la jefa, y me he ido a buscar a Bella y de paso a Chiyo, asi hacemos Chill Out juntos los tres.
En un bonito acantilado mirando el mar.
Que para eso soy el Gaucho joe.. y ellas mis amigas.

"chicas alguna más se apunta? las paso a buscar"
"Girls someone more signs, I pass to search them"

Hello colleagues:
Another day invites my friends to do Chill Out with me, and my mine Bella Bellicima I complain that could not come because she was living very far.
So since I am a dog with resources and in Internet it is possible to do everything what one wants. I have asked the “jefa” for the car of her dreams, and have been going to search to Bella and of I happen to Chiyo, this way we make united Chill Out the three, in a nice cliff looking at the sea. That for it I am the Gaucho joe and they my friends.



13 comentarios:

  1. It is a good car.
    It is perfect as the car of boo. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  2. it must have been a dream. Chiyo would never get in another dogs car. Would she??

    Simba xx

  3. wah-hahahaha. but guacho i WARN YOU, you can't date chiyo. she's mine!

    wet wet licks


  4. Hola Gaucho.
    Que bonito carro te conseguiste!! Espero que la hayas pasado bien con tus amigas y no te metas en problemas con Simba y Boo.

  5. How cool we get to chill out together & go crusing in that fabulous car !!
    Thanks for managing to find me all the way down here in Australia.
    Relax Boo, Chiyo & I are just crusing with Gaucho and he has the coolest car !!

  6. that was so much fun! gaucho you are such a gentleman to come all the way down under to find me and Bella. i love the wind in my hair when i'm cruising :)

    simba: gaucho is a friend, i have to show him around when he comes all the way here right? :)


  7. eieieiei Boo and Simba,, the girls.. Chiyo y Bella are my friends....
    what happpenend with you ein????
    Theys only made chill out with me...

  8. Lorenza te pasamos a buscar a ti tambien?¿¿=

  9. oh how I love all these intrigues!

    my my.. I think Boo you'll be having some competition on the "Cassanova" title now...

    I think it's because of that Boo-llywood princess thing..


  10. Qué aventura tan bonita, con la imaginación casi todo es posible.

  11. Hey Gaucho, you never pick me up??

  12. Pero miren la facha de Gauchi juasss cómo creciste!! bonitas tus amigas te felicito patitaaa