domingo, mayo 16, 2010

Estamos invernando - We are hibernating

Hola a todos mis amigos, Soy Dog, James Dog. El perro espia con licencia para morder si se meten con mi protegido el pequeño Gaucho.
Hi to all, buddies, I'm Dog, James Dog, the dog spies with license to bite (if they get with my small protected Gaucho).

Perdón por no escribir el blog, pero como dice la Jefa, estamos invernando. O mejor dicho, el pequeño Gaucho esta invernando. Yo estoy de misión en Afganistan, secreta... ya os contaré.
Pardon for the blog does not write, but as the Jefa says, we am hibernating. Or rather, the small Gaucho is hibernating. I am of mission in Afghanistan, it secretes ... I already will tell you.

Bueno no es tan secreta si aparezco en el National Geographic. Ya me ha pillado la prensa, en fin.
Good it is not so secret if I appear in National Geographic. It has already caught the press from me, in end.

Eso si, por mi salud, yo sigo tomando con mis amigos, mis Dog Martinis, por supuesto agitado no revueltos. Ya queda menos para volver!!!
Of course, for my health, I keep on taking with my friends, my Dog Martinis, of course waved not stirred. Stay already less to return!!!

4 comentarios:

  1. Sometimes hibernating is good... you can recharge your energy for the adventures ahead!!

  2. James dog
    I hope those pawtinis awe keeping you safe.
    I too am hibewnating sowt of. I would love to be in tibet wif the little Gaucho
    smoochie kisses

  3. A hibernation never did anydog any harm in our view!

    Sorry we are late commenting, the weather here has been sunny and warm, so we have been outside making the most of it after our bad winter.

    And can you make a Dog Martini for me, shaken, but not stirred.

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxx

  4. Hi James Dog, enjoy your martine! Don't stay in hibernation for too long now.