miércoles, julio 06, 2011

Pampa and her frisbee

Pampa and her frisbee by Buany
Pampa and her frisbee, a photo by Buany on Flickr.

our pampi... wowwwwwwwwwwwww

look her style...

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  1. Hola Gaucho, thank you for your nice message about Lenny. Gracias a tu y Verdi por ser amigo de Lenny. Me alegra encontrarme Pampa; ella es muy hermosa!

    We have a new dog named Henry. He used to be named Axel and he had a blog wiryaxel.blogspot.com. He came to live with us now.

    I am glad to hear from you and have a happy summer!

    Lenny's mom Kelley